Supergirl: 10 Best Episodes, According to IMDb (2023)

By Tegan Hall

Supergirl recently concluded its fifth season, bringing the series over a hundred episodes. Here are the show's highest-rated episodes on IMDb.

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Supergirl,the third entry into the Arrowverse, recently concluded its fifth season which was reduced to twenty episodes, due to studios halting productions. The fifth season saw the series hit its benchmark 100th episode, as well as introduced a new costume for the titular hero.

Starring Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El/Danvers,Supergirlonce took place on an earth alternate to the other Arrowverse shows, but thanks to last year's crossover epic, Crisis on Infinite Earths, now takes place on the same world as the other shows. It follows Kara's adventures as Supergirl while she simultaneously tries to juggle her career, friends and family, romantic relationships, and life as a (secret) alien refugee.


Throughout the years, fans have been able to rate each episode of the series, using the Internet Movie Database. With five seasons now under its belt, it's time to look back at the ten highest-rated episodes of Supergirl.


Falling: 8.6

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Fans saw another side ofKara in the episode "Falling." In it, Kara finds herself exposed to Red Kryptonite, which deals out harsh after-effects for the Girl of Steel's attitude. Bringing forth all of her darkest emotions, Kara spends most of the episode acting out on some of her worst inner desires, such as throwing her boss off a rooftop (before catching her) and talking down to her sister, Alex.

The episode is a heavy one, weighed down with the extra impact of Melissa Benoist's and Chyler Leigh's incredibly emotional performances, and padded with the excellent storytelling by showing Supergirl being appreciated by all of National City at the beginning of "Falling," only to lose it all by the end of the episode, having successfully instilled fear into the public through her actions under the Kryptonite's influence.

Worlds Finest: 8.7

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Due to its initial premiere and run on CBS, it was up in the air if Supergirl would ever cross paths with the likes of Arrow or The Flash. The series quickly proved fans wrong with its first-ever crossover event, bringing in Grant Gustin to appear in "Worlds Finest," which saw Barry speed into Kara's dimension just as she and Cat Grant are faced with threats from the past in the form of Silver Banshee and Livewire.

It's no surprise this episode is regarded so highly by fans since it proved what fans initially believed was impossible, and Benoist and Gustin's chemistry as Kara and Barry is pushed to the forefront, bringing Arrowverse one of its dorkiest and sweetest friendships to date.

The Adventures of Supergirl: 8.3

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Following a close shave with cancellation, Supergirl was officially picked up by The CW for its second season. The premiere episode, "The Adventures of Supergirl," finally introduced Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) after the first season heavilyalluded to Kara's infamous cousin.

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Similar to the show's first crossover episode, "The Adventures of Supergirl" is a treat of unbridled joy as fans witness Kara's and Clark's enthusiasm at finally getting to work together. The episode also introduced now fan-favorite Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), as well as Kara's eventual love interest, Mon-El (Chris Wood).

The Last Children of Krypton: 8.1

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The glee felt in the episode beforehand of witnessing Kara and Clark work together is somewhat tempered by the high-stakes situation the DEO crew finds itself in "The Last Children of Krypton." What makes this episode stand out is the fallout of some of Kara's decisions in the previous episode, such as breaking things off with James (a decision highly criticized by fans), and deciding to pursue journalism.

The episode also saw the show's first major departure: at the episode's climax, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) announces that she will be leaving Catco in James' capable hands to pursue other ambitions.No doubt, every fan felt the same stunned heartbreak as Kara does when Cat leaves.

Midvale: 8.2

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Following Alex's breakup with Maggie due to conflicting dreams for their future, Kara decides what the two of them need is a break from National City and drives them home to Midvale to reunite with their mother, Eliza. However, tensions rise between the two sisters as Alex gets frustrated with Kara's attempts to help due to Kara's own rebukes toward support at the beginning of the season after losing Mon-El.

Being back in their old hometown also sparks a journey down memory lane, as the two sisters reminisce on the death of a school friend and the subsequent amateur investigation that brought them closer together. Smallville fans will be sure to enjoy this episode if anything for the reference to journalist and hacking extraordinaire, Chloe Sullivan.

Reign: 8.5

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Christmas is far from pleasant in National City when a mysterious Kryptonian rune that Kara doesn't recognize is spotted throughout the city, and Sam is taken over by Reign, who goes on a killing spree dressed as a vigilante. Due to Reign's similar powerset, Supergirl is initially blamed for the crimes (though her name is cleared by the end of the episode).

The Quest For Peace: 8.2

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The fourth season concluded with "The Quest For Peace" which saw every hero fighting to beat the clock in order to stop Lex's masterplan and expose him to the public for being what he truly is. It saw the demise of the Red Daughter, who sacrificed herself for Kara in order tosave the day.

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The episode also saw other major impacts in the overall serieswith Alex and Kelly finally entering a relationship, but most especially with Lex revealing to Lena that Kara is Supergirl. This revelation directly sets up the next season's primary conflict, with Lena struggling with resentment over Kara's betrayal.

The House of L: 8.2

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It's all about Lex in the sixteenth episode of season four, appropriately titled "The House of L." It gives fans a good glimpse at Jon Cryer's (of Pretty in Pink fame) portrayal of Lex Luthor, arguably one of the best villains to date in the Arrowverse.

In this episode, it's revealed that Lex raised Red Daughter (whom he named), and even develops a cure for her when she contracts a disease. It's all part of a plan he intends to use to bring down Supergirl once and for all, but one that is ultimately foiled.

Immortal Kombat: 8.2

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Although "Immortal Kombat" was not meant to be the fifth season's finale, that honor was supposed to go to a twentieth episode that was never completed due to COVID-19, it was the finale fans ended up with, but perhaps that was for the best since it managed to snag a sharp 8.2 rating on IMDb.

Lena and Kara are forced to work together in order to stop Lex and Leviathan's plans. The episode has been praised by fans due to finally bringing a culmination in the dragged-out conflict between Lena and Kara, whose relationship has become a central part of the series, as the two finally begin to reconcile in the finale. Fans can only hope it continues into the show's sixth season, and their friendship will become stronger than ever.

It's A Super Life: 8.8

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Completing this list is the series' hundredth episode, "It's A Super Life." Mister Mxyzptlk zaps back into Kara's lifeto offer her a chance at altering the past to make amends with Lena. Kara spends the episode wrestling with the decision on what time would've been best to have told Lena she was Supergirl instead of waiting for so long, however each attempt at changing the timeline results in disastrous consequences.

By the end of the episode, Kara is forced to accept that there was no other way their story would play out and confronts Lena. It's painful for fans to watch as Kara promises to be there for her best friend if Lena ever finds a way to forgive her - and then offer a warning that if Lena doesn't stop working with Lex, Kara will have a duty to stop her as well. Luckily, unless next season changes things, fans didn't have to worry about the second outcome.


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